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  • Service person centered and support family.

    Service at home and external resources.
  • Service care, reahbilitation and preventive

    Improve your quality of life.
  • Specialized service.

    We take care of your loved ones.
  • Social Club.

    We organize activities and outputs.
  • Service for Companies.

    Packages according to the needs.


Do you want to enjoy some free time, have you a pending trip, an outing or an hospital stay and need of support?

gente mayor


Would you like us to help make it easier day to day, Do you need accompaniments, Do you require specialized media?



Need you someone to care, to accompany them, tutoring, have doubts about aspects of parenting and education?



Need we are, you want to have clear information about disability, degree of dependency, guardianship ...?



Do you need our care as a member more of the family, you're out and need someone to look after him?

agencia viajes atenem


Would you need that we organize activities? You do new friendships.You do a trip. You are a group or company and you want that we organize customized trips.

ATENEM We serve to who do you want more

ATENEM is a company of Home Care Services and External Resources, Person Centered. It offers various support and care at home to the beneficiaries, accompaniments and supports to different external resources. It is a support to families who are for personal, physical, psychological or social situations want to enjoy free time to rest, or  enjoy social life. Whether these situations are caused by a reduction of personal autonomy, family or temporary or permanent dependence to perform usual activities of daily life.

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  • Atenem.
    C/ Secretari Coloma, 64-68 Esca. A, Entresol 4ª
    08024 Barcelona

    +34 93 595 15 17
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