Comprehensive Care

We offer especialitzados and quality, helping the person to get a peace of mind, time and support available

Personalized Service

Home Care Service Person Centered i Family Support

Atenem, S.L., is a home care service especialitzado part of the personal, educational, social, cultural i of the person and / or the family.

It offers a comprehensive solution focused on the person and the person ..

Part of full respect for their dignity and rights , interests and preferences , with their effective participation and social.


  • Addressing the needs of the Home, Cleaning, maintenance , order, preparation of food , shopping, home repairs , wash , pets, among others..
  • Internal and external accompaniments at home and external resources . Hospitalization , vacation , travel outlets , among others.
  • Canguraje habits , feeding , bathing , doing homework support , acompanñamiento , presence in the home, among others.
  • Specialized Care Social Worker, Physio , logo , psychologist, DUE ...



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